Latest pet projects

Enable javascript to see the list. It uses jQuery, Underscore, Backbone and Moment.js from and sends requests to

Bitbucket shaved off too many features from their public profile interface in early 2016, so I much more prefer to show my own list of projects here (using their API). Only some of the latest pet projects are featured here, see the section below for the full list.


Pet projects

Since my preferred VCS is Mercurial, I put my code here.

Also, a big chunk of ExtJS experience comes from this project.

Others' pet projects

Projects hosted here also get my attention, but not that often.


One of the most famous open source projects that I contributed to is this. Not only my favorite VCS, but also a great project to learn new technical things and workflows.

Also I'm a reviewer for hgweb.


Open Hub is a free public directory of open source software and people. It can do pretty graphs with highlights and code analysis (including evaluations like “Very few source code comments”).

And you can earn badges, like this one: Open Hub profile for Anton Shestakov ...but it just says “number nine”. Weird.

Biological challenges

It's similar to Project Euler, but most of the problems are more bioinformatics-related than maths-related.

Translations (old)

Improving localization is essentially improving user interface. When I was just starting as a translator, I used Rosetta, which is Launchpad's translation service. And it still tracks my translations, diligently, even though I don't use the system.